Social Media – Simple Tips for Better Practices

By December 28, 2015Social Media


When establishing your company or brand on social media, being a little strategic can help. Setting aside time during the week to get your social media affairs in order can pay out in huge dividends if done correctly. We’ll go over some things you should definitely be doing, some things you should refrain from doing on social media, and even a few tips to help you get things rolling.


If you’re creating content that is engaging, you’re going to want to make sure it gets seen. Knowing the right time to post can make the difference of a low number of likes and shares, or a higher number that you’re looking for.

one of the best times to post on social media is a little before the start of the work hour, depending on where you’re market is, that could be 9 AM eastern time. A large percentage of people are using mobile devices and social media to occupy their time on their daily commute. Post something interesting that enough people see and it could spread through shares and word of mouth during the day. Post something too late, for example 12:30 AM, and hardly anyone is going to see it.

For consistency, lets talk frequency of posting. You want to show that your company is active on social media but you don’t want to overdo it. Great content, really great content needs to be absorbed. If you post 15 random things a day and one good piece of content, it may get glossed over. Quality always over quantity. There are more than a few Successful companies that post once a day to Facebook, sometimes only 3 to 4 times a week. The key here is their content is just that good.

Depending on how many people at your company who write blog posts, you should aim for at least one article every week to week and a half. If you have enough traffic on your site and a talent staff, several articles a week is good for backlinks and adding more credibility to your site.


One would be wise to take head and show a little bit of caution to what you post online. You don’t want to create any negative connotations or leave a bad reputation for your brand online.

Avoid Posting Negative Comments
This should go without saying. Too much negativity from your posts online will drive away followers and potential customers. Law 38 of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power states; Think as you like, but behave like others. Try to avoid controversy at all cost. No one likes a person who’s negative and gives off bad vibes, same goes for how you’re represented online.

Deleting Negative Feedback
Deleting negative feedback or comments about your company is something you shouldn’t be doing. It’s important for consumers and clients to see you’re a company that takes conflicts and disputes seriously. Showing that you’re always willing to work with your customers and offer resolution adds value to your brand as a whole.

Not posting enough
An article every 3 months, a tweet every 3 weeks, an instagram photo twice a month isn’t doing you favors for your online presence. You need to be fairly active and engage your customers. Show a personal connection, not what appears to be automate responses that lacks effort.

Not Being Relevant to Your Audience
Let’s say for example you have a bakery business. You should be posting relevant content such as recipes, images of baked goods, pies, etc. Filling your social media up with something like Baseball wouldn’t make sense. You goal is to target your niche. Know your audience and stick to it. That’s not to say you can’t occasional post something non relevant as long as you can do it and add your own flair to it as well. For example a post or image celebrating your local sports team’s win with your logo somewhere on it, could even be partly a promotion, is a good way to latch onto a current trend and gain some much needed steam.

Following these tips and advice will help steer you in the right path on growing your social media presence online. In a future article we’ll be discussing tools and plugins that help schedule and prioritize your social media posts.

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